[lug] JSP and Apache

Steven Deal stevendeal at mac.com
Sat Nov 25 07:22:24 MST 2000

You got me puzzled now. I'd be curious to know what the output of your startup.sh script gives you. Maybe I was just luckier than I thought but I was amazed with the work of this script and the folks working on tomcat. There was mention of setting an environment variable, but for me it worked w/o (and from what I hear the practice of setting the java_home or whatever one chooses to call it is being deprecated by Sun). Without starting a guessing game, I'd check the output first.


On Saturday, November 25, 2000, at 04:00 AM, John Starkey wrote:

> I'm running into a little snag in standalone mode. Tomcat will serve my 
> html pages but not the jsp files, 404 errors. I'm referring to the 
> included examples linked from the default page. The links are correct so 
> all I can think is that some quirk in the config is chrooting .jsp 
> differently. I looked through the conf dir but came up with nothing. 
> Any suggestions? 

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