[lug] 16 color 32x32 .ico file of Tux?

Michael Kahn mkahn at fast-track.com
Sun Nov 26 19:19:53 MST 2000

I use a multi-boot program called BootMagic that has a very lame 
icon for Linux. I wish to replace the current icon with a picture
of Tux (the penguin) or some other familiar Linux icon. The icon
must conform to the Windows icon format: 32x32 pixels @ 16 colors
in the *.ico format.

I've roamed around the various archives and searched google and
deja.com/usenet. I've found plenty of Tux icons but none in the
right format. I can't figure out if/how to use GIMP to produce
a correct icon file from a graphic that is a different native

Anybody know where such an icon exists? 
If not, can anybody walk me thru the steps to create an acceptable
graphic from an existing graphic using GIMP?

Michael Kahn
mkahn at fast-track.com

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