[lug] Why can't Linux see my memory?

jhayward at Boldtech.com jhayward at Boldtech.com
Mon Dec 11 19:17:32 MST 2000

I'm currently building a linux box for home use.  For reference I'm running
an MSI K7T Pro mobo w/ 700Mhz duron processor.  I installed 256 MB of p133
SDRAM and redhad linux 7.0.

I've tried looking at the memory utilization in xosview, top, gtop, and with
sysinfo commands.  In all cases it seems like my box only sees around 64MB
of ram.  xosview consistenly shows up to around 59 - 62 MB in use, very
little 'free' and around 17 - 30 MB in swap.  When I boot up the BIOS
recognizes all 256MB.

Is there any command that I need to use to 'tell' linux how much memory I
have?  Does anyone know of any problems with linux and memory recognition?

(Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!)


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