[lug] Linux Laptop question

Greg Holling gholling at rmi.net
Tue Dec 12 01:18:09 MST 2000

Hi, everybody.

I'm having a problem with laptop configuration; I was hoping somebody might
have an idea what's going on.

I'm running RH6.2 on a Gateway laptop.  It works OK, with one exception:
every OTHER time I start X (Enlightenment/Gnome), it seems to come up in
a really low-resolution mode where it won't respond to any keypress events.
The only way I've found to exit is to hit the power button, which is ugly.
After it reboots, everything is fine, until I shut it down again.

I know...I should never have to reboot my Linux box, but I usually shut it 
down when
I'm carrying it around.  :->

Any hints?  I'm stumped.


- Greg

Greg Holling
Visionary Computer Consulting, Inc.
gholling at rmi.net

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