[lug] Linux Laptop question

Ferdinand P. Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Tue Dec 12 08:15:22 MST 2000

Did you try ctrl-alt-backspace to kill your X server?  This should bring you
back to a text terminal.

I would also take a look at the /etc/X11/xf86config file.  You may want to
remove configuration entries that you don't use.  I can't imagine though why it
would work one time and not the next time.  Could it be that you have a
hardware problem - or that your linux configuration leaves your system in a
strange state when you shut down?  Did you try to shut down from a text
terminal rather than from X?  The command init 3 given as root should get you
back to runlevel 3 (text based) if you are running a graphical login and then
you could shut down from there.


Greg Holling wrote:

> Hi, everybody.
> I'm having a problem with laptop configuration; I was hoping somebody might
> have an idea what's going on.
> I'm running RH6.2 on a Gateway laptop.  It works OK, with one exception:
> every OTHER time I start X (Enlightenment/Gnome), it seems to come up in
> a really low-resolution mode where it won't respond to any keypress events.
> The only way I've found to exit is to hit the power button, which is ugly.
> After it reboots, everything is fine, until I shut it down again.
> I know...I should never have to reboot my Linux box, but I usually shut it
> down when
> I'm carrying it around.  :->
> Any hints?  I'm stumped.
> Thanks.
> - Greg
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