[lug] partitions restore

Aaron Crane aaron.crane at pobox.com
Wed Dec 13 08:18:16 MST 2000

<badl at badl.office.globopolis.com> writes:
> I rewrote my partitions and I don't remember the old ones.  I need to find
> out old partitions range to safe the very important data.  Can anybody
> help me with this? Does anybody know about utility which goes throw device
> and checks the data to get real partitions?

I know this thread is a bit old by now, but I thought it would still be
worth mentioning gpart, by Michail Brzitwa:


I've used this in a similar situation, after Partition Magic munged a
friend's partition table.  Some of his data had been overwritten, but gpart
enabled us to recover everything that was still there.

Aaron Crane

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