[lug] Whiney drives.

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Thu Dec 14 22:40:03 MST 2000

John Starkey wrote:
> I hope this isn't too stupid of a question but...
> Is it common or even possible for a severely frag'd drive (HD) to make
> hideous whining noises? Would it be the heads trying to keep up, if so?

This does happen. It also has a way of shortening the life of the drive.

> I was sure the drive was gonna die, sounded almost like it was speeding up
> and slowing down. But I defrag'd (sorry it's a Windoze machine) and now
> it's not making any noticable sounds.

This suggests use of the Microsoft antivirus program on C:, fdisk
*smirk*. Save a drive.

> Thanks,
> John
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