[lug] OT -- Power Cable

ljp ljp at llornkcor.com
Fri Dec 15 05:42:57 MST 2000

> Hey all,
> My sister spilled root beer on her brand new (hand-me-down) HP P3 500.
> motherboard was toasted.  I replaced it for her with a Soyo they had at
> CompUSA, and all is working again with one notable, and very inconvenient,
> exception.

hmmmm, the Pepsi syndrome, eh? (Old Saturday Night Live skit)
At first I read only that it was beer, and started laughing, but root beer
is a different story.

> The power supply, of course, has no on/off switch, it is only controlled
> the power button.  What she has to do for right now to start up the
> is 1) leave the case off,

This is a given in my house, either really easy access (no screws, or a
sliding 'lid'), or, as in the firewall's case... no case at all, just bare

> 2) put a jumper momentarily across the correct two
> pins on the motherboard,

Sounds like this is a pain.

> 3) wait for the PC to start up, and 4) remove the
> jumper.

After that, I would just leave the thing on, oh ya, My machines are always
on, anyway.. : )
Except when the power goes out for long.

> Needless to say, this is not very good for a permanent set up.   Anyone
> where I might get a set of three independent cables, with just the two
> for each?  I haven't looked yet, but I suspect that on the non-motherboard
> end the wires in the case are soldered.  Am I going to have to rig
> on my own?  Anyone with thoughts or experiences to share would be great.

Well, what _I_ would do in this case, is go to Eagle High Tech here in
Longmont, try to find some gadget, or cable to fit the need, break out the
'ole soldering iron, needle nose pliers, cut some wires, and solder them in
the proper place, or to the new gadget.
There's probably ready made switches and stuff, tho.


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