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J.B. Saunders at 47th & Sterling in Boulder (if you're anywhere near) should
have the cables you need (they did when I had the same problem).

Norm Metcalf

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> Hey all,
> My sister spilled root beer on her brand new (hand-me-down) HP P3 500.
> motherboard was toasted.  I replaced it for her with a Soyo they had at
> CompUSA, and all is working again with one notable, and very inconvenient,
> exception.
> The little two wire connection that goes from the power switch to the
> motherboard is incompatible between the HP and the SOYO.  HP had six
> two each for power button, power led, and hard disk led.  These six wires
> in a hard linear holder that is in an arrangement that won't plug into the
> motherboard, as the SOYO needs them in an L-shape.  (The arrangement is of
> course different on the soyo).  Bummer!
> The power supply, of course, has no on/off switch, it is only controlled
> the power button.  What she has to do for right now to start up the
> is 1) leave the case off, 2) put a jumper momentarily across the correct
> pins on the motherboard, 3) wait for the PC to start up, and 4) remove the
> jumper.
> Needless to say, this is not very good for a permanent set up.   Anyone
> where I might get a set of three independent cables, with just the two
> for each?  I haven't looked yet, but I suspect that on the non-motherboard
> end the wires in the case are soldered.  Am I going to have to rig
> on my own?  Anyone with thoughts or experiences to share would be great.
> Tim
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