[lug] dhcpcd

C Menzes charles at lunarmedia.net
Sun Dec 17 10:12:42 MST 2000

i just switched over to using dhcpcd from using pump to get my home ip
address from my cable provider's dhcp server. i'm hoping to pull some of
the info in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd-eth0.info into my ipchains config file.
the problem i am having is that either my provider is not handing out a
fqdn as a hostname param in its dhcp responses, or dhcpcd is not smart
enough to put one and one together.

i am issueing 'dhcpcd -D -H -d -n', and i am receiving an ip address,
nameserver info, etc... 
however, i am getting:

[~] Yes, my master? >hostname -f
hostname: Unknown host

the /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd-eth0.info file has populated fields for 
HOSTNAME and DOMAIN, but the machine is just not seeming to put them
when i run /sbin/pump as my dhcp client, my machine is able to figure out
its fqdn just fine. does pump rewrite /etc/hosts?

sound familiar to anyone using dhcpcd out there?

thanks -cjm

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