[lug] opinions on backup tools

Erick Bodine erick at xpedite.com
Wed Dec 27 12:28:20 MST 2000

I am currently in the process of implementing a tape backup scheme for some parts of our R&D network.  I have the hardware (Seagate Scorpion SCSI tape drive) already in place on a Linux server.  I will be backing up that server as well as 1-2 development
servers that are on the network.  Does anyone out there have any opinions ;-) on BRU vs. Arkeia vs. taper (I realize taper is at the low end of the spectrum). Or any other tape backup tools for Linux?  My big concerns are the ability to back up over the
network and ease of restoration.  Price is not really an object (though free is nice).  Another consideration is a tool that could handle scaling up to an automated tape library in the future.

Any opinions, suggestions, experiences are appreciated.

--Erick Bodine

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