[lug] *440MHz, 512MB UltraSPARC 10 with FLAT 21" Color Monitor* Help installing Debian

Ulises V. Martinez uvm at novustar.com
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If anyone needs a very powerful workstation to run Linux, I have several
440MHz, 512MB UltraSPARC 10 with FLAT 21" Color Monitor 19.8" v.a which will
be sold almost at cost.  If interested, if interested please goto to
http://www.novustar.com/sunultra/index.htm.  IF you'll like to get one,
please reply before January 1,2001 to take advantage of the existing price.

Glenn, I will get back to you within the next weeks, the guru who knows
about Debian is on vacation.

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I am trying to install Debian on two workstations.  They
have Promise Ultra66 cards to which the hard drive is
attached.  The install kernel does not support these
cards, but the (CheapBytes) installation CD has in
a readme which says that this (udma66) directory has a
kernel image which contains support for the very Promise
Ultra66 cards I'm trying to support.  Moreover, there
is a ../udma66 directory with a drivers.tgz file.

How do I do I get this working?

I have unplugged the hard drive cable from the Promise card
and plugged it into the primary IDE slot on the motherboard;
this enables me to install, however, now Win2K will not
boot, so I need to get the card support working somehow.
Is there some way I can build in the Ultra66 support
while running Linux through the motherboard, turn it
off, and reposition the cable, and be happy?

Please help,

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