[lug] opinions on backup tools

Stephen G. Smith ss2chef at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 27 20:44:23 MST 2000

I like CTAR
I use it for SCO and Linux backups...

I have used ARKEIA and I like that too..
The NT client works well talking to the Linux based server..

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>For open tools, look at amanda.  www.amanda.org  From the folks I've
>talked to who are using it, it does a very nice job over the network and
>only takes a bit of fiddling to get it running the way you would want it
>to.  There are RPM's and DEB's floating around.
>Here at the office, they went with HP's OmniBack but there are only
>clients for Linux, no server software.  (Yep, the NT guys are backing my
>machines up.  Ghastly, I believe was the word someone used in another
>thread here recently on another topic.  Seems to fit.  hahaha...)
>Actually as much as I give them a hard time, the OmniBack stuff seems to
>be working quite well.  They have their GUI and can put things back on
>my servers from tape (DLT) very nicely.
>I played with Arkeia for a month here at the office.  Requires X on the
>controlling "client" machine (didn't really want that), is very flashy,
>forces you to come up with a tape labeling scheme and a tape rotation
>(which a lot of new admins forget to do anyway...) and basically seemed
>"ok" to me.  It also at the time has low encryption (but at least some)
>on its network client/server software and seemed like it was well
>documented, even for folks who had never done much on Linux systems
>before.  Couldn't get their beta NT client working properly at the time,
>they may have fixed it long ago by now.
>Hope that helps.
>On Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 12:28:20PM -0700, Erick Bodine wrote:
> > I am currently in the process of implementing a tape backup scheme for 
>some parts of our R&D network.  I have the hardware (Seagate Scorpion SCSI 
>tape drive) already in place on a Linux server.  I will be backing up that 
>server as well as 1-2 development
> > servers that are on the network.  Does anyone out there have any 
>opinions ;-) on BRU vs. Arkeia vs. taper (I realize taper is at the low end 
>of the spectrum). Or any other tape backup tools for Linux?  My big 
>concerns are the ability to back up over the
> > network and ease of restoration.  Price is not really an object (though 
>free is nice).  Another consideration is a tool that could handle scaling 
>up to an automated tape library in the future.
> >
> > Any opinions, suggestions, experiences are appreciated.
> >
> > --Erick Bodine
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