[lug] Printer Error

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Fri Dec 29 16:08:12 MST 2000

SoloCDM wrote:
> After trying to print a file as "cat <filename> | lpr", what caused
> the following message to be sent to administration?
> lp printer job "stdin": Your printer job (stdin) was not printed
> because it was not linked to the original file
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> Signed,
> SoloCDM

Just a guess. Printing has an option of either copying the print job to
the spool, or else referring to it via a sym link to the original file
(temporarily). The latter version is to save disk space. If the latter
is enabled, cat would fail. I don't know what the option is to turn this
on or off, no doubt it is an argument to lp or lpd or the printcap

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