[lug] default web page width

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Sat Dec 30 15:36:31 MST 2000

I usually try to keep actual content somewhere around 500 pixels or so.
You can put in other stuff that is a percentage in with that though. So
your window self-adjusts to larger browser windows but will still fit
the smaller windows you might run into. When possible, percentages are
good because your text will just wrap for whatever size paper you are
printing on.


Deva Samartha wrote:
> Hi,
> is there something like a default page width (in pixels) of a web page?
> Once there were pages which had a ruler at the bottom: Please adjust your
> browser to "this" but they seem to be less common now.
> I made a page something like 600 pixel wide but then, when printing it, it
> cuts off on the right side.
> Thanks,
> Samartha
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