[lug] Enlightenment Key Bindings

David Morris boru at frii.com
Sat Dec 30 16:59:41 MST 2000

I use the enlightenment window manager, and am looking to change my
key bindings.

The documentation says to copy the file keybindings.cfg to your
~/.enlightenment directory, and make changes to it there.

Fine, I have done this an *nothing* happens.  I can make any changes I
want to the file, and no key bindings are changed.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?  Here is my system:

Debian Linux (x86) running 2.2.15 kernel
Enlightenment 0.16.3-8
Gnome installed

If only the Enlightenment Control Pannel still existed with its
shortcut controls....

Any help would be appreciated.


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