[lug] Samba and passwd

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Sun Dec 31 14:21:29 MST 2000

> I don't know anything about netatalk, but for W9x + samba you need to add
> entries to smbpasswd.  You can specify the path to smbpasswd in smb.conf,
> which IMO is a good idea, because it varies according to compile time
> options.  If you compile w/o mods, the default is
> sambaSourceDir/private/smbpasswd.  There is a script to create smbpasswd
> from /etc/passwd.  Then run "mksmbpasswd username passwd" to change the
> passwd to agree with the W9x login pw.

Ok, this was definately missing. And I got it looking the way the
source/docs indicate but still getting a bad password message while
mapping the drive. 

But I have now run into a problem where running smbd -D just terminates
silently and there are no smbd processes. Windoze is telling me it can't
find the server now. I did re-compile and still the new binary won't start
up. Any suggestions... anyone... help?? How do I do this to myself??



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