[lug] PHP3 compile and rusage

Atkinson, Chip CAtkinson at Circadence.com
Mon Jan 8 09:28:11 MST 2001

Are there any other errors?  rusage is a structure in system header files.
See getrlimit(2).  One thing that I found when building PHP on machines here
is that the linux boxes as installed were missing include files, or links to
these files anyway.  I don't remember the exact files, but here's what I did
to get things to work.
Clean the distribution directory out again (make clean usually)
Re-run configure
run make
watch the error messages for include files not being found.  Find the files,
usually under /usr/src/linux and put symlinks in /usr/include that point to
the files that reside under /usr/src/linux/...


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> Subject: [lug] PHP3 compile and rusage
> I'm trying to compile PHP3 with MySQL and apxs. It's dieing with:
> -I../lib/expat-lite -02
> -fpic -DSHARED_MODULE -I. -I -I/usr/local/apache/include
> -I/usr/local/MySQL/include -c functions/microtime.c -o
> functions/microtime.o
> functions/microtime.c: In function 'php3_getrusage'
> functions/microtime.c: storage size of "usg" not found
> functions/microtime.c: "RUSAGE_SELF" not declared (first use....)"
> I had this same problem months ago when installing PHP4 and I 
> just went to
> another machine with it and everything worked fine. It's 
> caught up with
> me. Apache is 1.3.9 (same as the other box). Maybe some DSO
> differences(?). Kernel is 2.3.9.
> Anyone know what this is? And what i can do to fix it?
> Thanks,
> John
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