[lug] install linux on ibm laptop

Jeff Howell howeljs at grimoire.stortek.com
Mon Jan 8 14:08:48 MST 2001

Wouldn't it just be much easier to make a boot disk from the floppy 
images in /images on the CD?  Use rawrite.exe to create them.

Bonnell, Doug wrote:

> I've pulled the hard drive from the laptop and installed it into a desktop
> with
> a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch adaptor. Then you just use the desktop's ability to
> boot from CDROM and install RedHat as usual.
> You need to reconfigure X for the hardware on the laptop. I've just used the
> SVGA server, but left RedHat at runlevel 3 to avoid login via gdm/kdm/xdm
> util I had X running right on the laptop first.
> My CheapBytes version of RedHat 6.2 has a "dosutils" directory. You can
> bring up Windows, load the CDROM and then use the "autoboot.bat" file
> (if memory servers me right, I did this once on a old Compaq that couldn't
>  boot from CDROM, even though it had a CDROM drive).
> Hope this helps...
> Doug Bonnell

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