[lug] Wireless/Broadband services, and the death of JATO

Matt Clauson mec at dotorg.org
Mon Jan 8 17:32:15 MST 2001

For those of you who ain't heard yet, JATO is dead.  Long live JATO.

Short version:  They turned off all their circuits in Colorado and Utah at
0000 this morning, with little or no notice to ISPs and customers.

I was one of the affected customers.

Now that I'm without DSL for the time being, I'm looking into
options.  (US) Qwest cannot offer me anything more than 144kbit
IDSL.  Same with Rhythms.  Covad has no DSLAM in my CO.  (NGLNCOMA,
Northglenn Main)  I went with Jato because they were the only ones to
provide service at anything above IDSL rates.  @Home, with some of the
things I do, is NOT an option.

Northpoint will offer up to 418kbit, which sounds right, based on my
experience with Jato.  However, I'd like alternatives as well.  Is there a
wireless carrier available in North Denver (ala CWX in
Ft. Collins/Loveland)?  What are the general rates?  Any other DSL
providers to try?

Does anyone know of someone locally backhauling from Northpoint?  My
current carrier, INCC (formerly RMI) used to, but no longer does.  The
only two carriers that Northpoint is reccomending at this point is
Internet Connections, or Megapath.  Any stories 'bout 'em?  Or should I
just pull a Cartman and resign myself to dialup again?

FYI, I'm off 107th and Pecos, near the Northglenn/Westminster line.


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