[lug] PDF headache

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Tue Jan 9 14:46:01 MST 2001

The only time I have had this problem is when the page came up formatted
as A4. It still tries to print it out. Xpdf works pretty well too but I
haven't really had much of a need for it.


John Karns wrote:
> So then I give the ghostview clone, "gv" a try.  It seems to work better
> in this respect: it's able to read the page, and even gives a page index
> on the left to facilitate document access.  But it has its own very
> annoying problem of truncating several lines of text from the bottom of
> every page.  Ghostview is worse, in that no page index / table of contents
> is displayed, making it very cumbersome to maneuver the document.

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