[lug] LILO Boot Problem

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Tue Jan 9 16:19:44 MST 2001

Steve Mathias wrote:
> >>>>> "D. Stimits" == D Stimits <stimits at idcomm.com> writes:
>     > If it can't see the disk, I would suspect that possibly there is no
>     > driver for the controller. It isn't unusual for NT 4 to require
>     > specifically naming the controller type during install (I have two which
>     > it does this with), so that isn't a particularly good indication of disk
>     > failure. Linux, if it uses a module, and that module is on the disk that
>     > requires the module in the first place, would require an initial ramdisk
>     > with the module info in it. Is the scsi the drive that has /boot/ and
>     > the root partition on it? What kind of scsi controller is it?
> I've tried putting / and /boot/ on either disk with the same result.  I'm not
> positive, but I think the SCSI controller is Adaptec.
>           -Steve
> --
> Steve Mathias
> mathias at genomica.com

Someone else mentioned cleaning out the mbr with fdisk /mbr, but that is
a DOS program. Not sure if you'd be able to use it or not. On the other
hand, simply knowing it is Adaptec is insufficient to load the right
driver. If it is one of the LVD controllers for uw or u2w or u160, the
aic7xxx pretty much covers them all; otherwise, you don't know that
you'd be getting the right driver. Unless of course at module stage it
allows the module to be insmod'd, which only works if you have the
hardware. Have you tried to manually insmod various adaptec modules?
Does it work at install time and only fail after?

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