[lug] Wireless/Broadband services, and the death of JATO

Matt Clauson mec at dotorg.org
Wed Jan 10 11:43:48 MST 2001

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 10:41:51AM -0700, George Sexton wrote:
> I had a customer using JATO and RMI that got turned off Monday. I called RMI
> and they were very responsive. The immediately got new contracts sent out to
> change over to COVAD and gave us complimentary dial-up access until the DSL
> account is turned on.
> The only thing that was very strange was that they said a new circuit had to
> be ordered. I had the old circuit number, but they said it was not feasible
> to have Qwest change the circuit to point to COVAD. Makes no sense to me.

Agreed.  I was caught in the same mess, but my DSLAM is still putting
voltage on my line -- I think that RMI's backhaul circuit to JATO was

I'm still evaluating my options with RMI -- Covad has no DSLAM in my CO
(NGLNCOMA), and US West will only provide IDSL to me, which is an
unacceptable data rate.

RMI says that they used to provide northpoint (which had almost the same
coverage) but no longer do.  Too bad, because Northpoint is the only other
provider which will even try to provide SDSL to me.  I'm going to call RMI
and see if they'll repartner with Northpoint.  However, if not, I'm afraid
I'll have to take my business somewhere else.  Kinda sad, because I like
to patronize local companies, but there's none that will provide me

As for switching my (currently useless) JATO DSL pair to another provider,
such as US West, RMI state that they couldn't...  And US West, when I
called, stated some "FCC Regulation" that prohibits them from providing
anything other than IDSL (in the DSL category) outside of 15000 ft...  And
I'm at 16990.  Can you say bullshit, children?

For those of you in the northern metro Suburbs (Northglenn, Thornton,
Westy, Broomfield) keep your eyes peeled -- there was a bit of discussion
at the NCLUG meeting last night about some possible alternatives.

RMI, or any other Colorado-based provider reading this -- if you can
provide me service using Northpoint, email me ASAP.  My address is valid.  
If you want my business, you better hurry.  I'm ordering today.


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