[lug] RCS file diagrammer

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Wed Jan 10 19:29:40 MST 2001

a quick search on google for "cvs diagram" (i also tried "rcs
diagram", but with less luck) got me this hit, which might be close to
what you want:


it's not as fancy as your request, but it's there...

you might also try Larry McVoy's BitKeeper, which has some ability to
graphically analyze change histories.  i'm not sure if it can do what
you're asking for, but it's something to look at (and it can be
downloaded and tried out for free; the license is quite liberal, even
if it's not quite Open Software in every sense.)


in particular, take a look at this:


finally, there are various toolkits out there that can generate
diagrams given a (text) "network" file as input; these might be useful
building blocks for generating your desired output.  an example of
this might be, e.g., graphviz:


good luck,

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