[lug] LILO Boot Problem

Steve Mathias mathias at genomica.com
Thu Jan 11 09:10:35 MST 2001

>>>>> "Shannon" == Shannon Johnston <nunar at iws.net> writes:

    > I've had this very thing happen to me. Most of the time, if it's a
    > problem running the SCSI controller, it locks up when trying to run disk
    > druid during the install.  What happened to me is that there was a
    > problem overwriting files in the Master Boot Record. I fixed it by
    > running fdisk /mbr This wipes the mbr clean and then allowed linux to
    > install and run fine.  (BTW - I had to do that on the machine I'm
    > running now.)

So, I tried running 'fdisk /mbr' and the response is "Unable to open /mbr".  I
guess this would be a good explanation for why the machine won't boot ;-)
What can I do to fix this?



Steve Mathias
mathias at genomica.com

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