[lug] Kpilot & RH 7

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Thu Jan 11 13:26:22 MST 2001

Shannon Johnston wrote:
> Let me re-open this posting with a new question.
> I'm running RH 7 and KDE2.0
> Every time I try to enter information the program crashes. Does anybody
> know where an error log might reside so that I can find out what's going
> on?
> Shannon

Try this...on the command line at the application directory, assuming
its name is literally "kpilot" (I don't know the app), see what libs it
ldd kpilot

Then as root, see what libs are available:
ldconfig -p | less

If you find a mismatch between what it wants, and what is provided,
you'll know what to upgrade or downgrade.

I doubt there are any logs per se, but a core file could be generated.
It won't do much good unless you have the source and want to run it in a

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