[lug] Pre-Meeting Food

Mark Seliskar seliskar at mho.com
Thu Jan 11 13:57:18 MST 2001

I'm new to the group. I'd like to join you for dinner (assuming that was an open invitation.) I'm not very familiar with Boulder eateries and haven't quite kept up with this discussion. Is the location for tonight the Noodles restaurant on Baseline just East of US 36? 

Mark Seliskar

At 1/11/01 10:41:00 AM, you wrote:
>On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Rob Riggs wrote:
>> My response was not meant to be devisive, though the tag line at the bottom was a
>> humorous, though possibly obtuse, reference to that fact that the result could,
>> indeed, be construed as such.
>No problem, I just had to grumble a bit.  We'll just drop back to the Dark
>Horse.  I get fewer complaints when we meet there.
>- Wayde
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