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1)    I installed Ldap server on my RedHat7.0. I have made the
configurations, my ldap starts, but when I want to add entries in the
directory I obtain : "ldap_bind: Cannot contact the Ldap server".
    I read that I won't need to run slurpd unless I have more than one LDAP
server on my network. But I have many W2000s ( domain controllers ) on
network, who have Ldap servers.
    I must use slurpd ?  

ANDREW> I haven't tried red hat 7.0, but running on a 6.x KRUD and 6.4 SuSE
you do not need slurpd.  You're going to want just the slapd bits.

2) What are the entries that I must introduce in /etc/hosts for my Ldap

ANDREW> Depends - what name and IP do you need?  if you're connecting to
localhost, it should already be present.  If not, and you are not using
DNS/NIS/whatever for name resolution, enter the name you're trying to
connect to and it's IP.  LDAP just uses plain Jane TCP/IP by default, I
think.  It wouldn't make much sense to use UDP.  

You're going to want to check your logs, both the client and server logs, if
they are on different machines.  I'm assuming Red Hat is using the 2.x
openLDAP, but I've only used the 1.2.11 openLDAP.  It uses a strange ... um
.. not priority, but the thing on the left in the syslog.conf file ...
anyway, it's local6 or something.  Check the docs or man pages.  If you
don't have this in the /etc/syslog.conf, you won't get any logs.  

Can you do an ldapsearch without binding?  That would eliminate the
connection error and move it towards a username/password error.  

Andrew Diederich

Thanks You !
Cosmin Petra

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