[lug] Some Humor(?) for Tuesday Morning

arnie sherman asherman1 at uswest.net
Thu Jan 11 21:20:26 MST 2001

B O'Fallon wrote:

> Linux is losing the technology race if it can't come up with something
> to compete with this. OTH, talk about Microsoft's diversification --
> this is about as far as it can go!
> http://dailynews.netscape.com/mynsnews/story.tmpl?table=n&cat=50300&id=200101091821000258257


I read/heard 3 news bits today that are interesting when considered together. 2 from Linuxtoday:
a statement from a security expert that basically all MS Windows products are not only
inherently insecure, but insecurable, due to the nature of the code, and an article detailing
the NSA's efforts at writing a secure Linux and opening the source code. Finally on NPR, an
announcement that Microsoft is proposing to write the software portion of an on line voting
system, teaming up w/ IBM and Unisys.

Where do we want your vote to go today, Chad?
arnie sherman
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