[lug] Summer BBQ?

Glenn Ashton gfa at idiom.com
Fri Jan 12 11:10:00 MST 2001

I think the first decision that needs to be made is:

Is this just a social kind of Linux User's Group Event


is this a install/fest/demo/informational event?

I think the social/discuss among the group model makes this much easier to

And, do we do this on a Saturday when families and friends can be brought

Whatever we do, we should pick a place that has parking available.

My opinion is that this should not be a pay to eat event.  This should be
about community, and we ought to be able to put together a list of things
that would be needed and have people volunteer to bring rolls, or chips or

I have been horribly busy, and had meant to put together another CU event
like last year.  Is there still interest in that?

It's all about requirements analysis...

-Glenn Ashton

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