[lug] Summer BBQ?

Atkinson, Chip CAtkinson at Circadence.com
Fri Jan 12 15:51:09 MST 2001

I like the idea of supplying grills and the place and people bring thier own
food and are encouraged to bring something to share.  I think the best
option is to keep it as unstructured as possible yet pretty well organized.
In other words, I'd bring a grill, a few other people would too, so that
things get done, yet not so much that person A brings forks, person B brings
mustard, etc.

I could bring a grill and would be able to contribute condiments and some
funding.  I could bug the city once we decide where to go.  A weekend would
be a good idea I think too.  Sadly, I must agree with your fears about
alchohol.  What a pain excessive responsibility is.  :-)


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> On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Atkinson, Chip wrote:
> > Sure.  How much trouble could it be?  What could go wrong?  ;-)
> This all depends.  If you just want to go to the park, there 
> is nothing
> more that needs to be done.  We just pick a park and show up. 
>  If however,
> we want to reserve one of the shelters in case of rain, and 
> similarly to
> guarantee that we have one of the BBQ pits, then we have to call the
> relevant authority involved with the maintenance of the Park.  That
> depends on which park you choose.  It usually costs about $50 
> to reserve
> one of the Park shelters in advance.  This is a good idea 
> just in case it
> decides to rain.  We should be able to dig up this kind of 
> money without
> any real difficulty.
> If there is a desire to have beer we'd need to apply for a temporary
> liquor license.  That is certainly possible, but I think I'd 
> be tempted to
> forgo the hassle.  Not involving alcohol also minimizes the 
> possibility of
> lawsuits if someone gets hurt or gets picked up for drunk 
> driving, etc..
> > One question is how much should the organizers do vs. the 
> participants?
> That is kind of up to the orginizers and how you choose to 
> set it up.  If
> you haven't figured it out yet, I like to keep things as simple as
> possible.  
> >  Pot luck or does everyone pay money and eat, or a combination of
> > both, say a salad or desert, with burgers provided.
> Either of those works.  Pot luck is almost always a good 
> choice, unless
> you feel that a bunch of geeks would only show up with bags of chips
> <grin>.  The pay money idea works too, especially if you want to have
> someone cater the food.  However that means that you now have 
> to find a
> caterer or buy and cook the food yourself.  It also means 
> that someone has
> to take the money, and that you have to be careful that only 
> people who
> have paid actually get food, etc..  I personally would think carefully
> before doing the pay-to-eat event.  Combinations of the above are also
> reasonable.
> One hybrid approach I've used successfully in the past is to 
> provide the
> place, a hot BBQ pit, and drinks.  People then bring whatever 
> they want to
> cook on the grill.
> I figure the logistics of this all is kind of up to whomever wants to
> organize this.  It also depends a bit on what the goal of the BBQ is -
> just get together and have fun, fun in the sun install fest, park wide
> Linux demo day, etc..  If you want to do this, my suggestion is to be
> creative and have fun.  I'll help.
> - Wayde
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