[lug] Error creating swap...

Andrew Reberry Andrew.Reberry at colorado.edu
Sat Jan 13 17:28:37 MST 2001

Hey All,

Well, I should have expected this.  I finally found some free time to
backup, reformat, and upgrade my linux machine to RH 7.0.  However after
doing so I keep getting the error during the installation:

"Error creating swap on device hda5"

This error is given to me when my native linux partition is formatted.
However I do not believe /dev/hda5 is being formatted during this time at
all.  After the installation I get the error during bootup:

"Activating swap partitions: swapon: /dev/hda5: No Such Device

I believe my problem is the way I am using fdisk to remove partitions before
making my fresh install.  I have gone through the installation process twice
now and have gotten the same result.  Can someone tell me the exact way to
delete all data from the hard drive before making a fresh install?      (and
just when I thought I might actually know a tiny bit about linux...  there
goes that)

Any help is appreciated.

Andrew Reberry

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