[lug] Error creating swap...

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Sat Jan 13 17:56:18 MST 2001

Andrew Reberry wrote:
> Hey All,
> Well, I should have expected this.  I finally found some free time to
> backup, reformat, and upgrade my linux machine to RH 7.0.  However after
> doing so I keep getting the error during the installation:
> "Error creating swap on device hda5"
> This error is given to me when my native linux partition is formatted.
> However I do not believe /dev/hda5 is being formatted during this time at
> all.  After the installation I get the error during bootup:
> "Activating swap partitions: swapon: /dev/hda5: No Such Device
> [ FAILED ]"
> I believe my problem is the way I am using fdisk to remove partitions before
> making my fresh install.  I have gone through the installation process twice
> now and have gotten the same result.  Can someone tell me the exact way to
> delete all data from the hard drive before making a fresh install?      (and
> just when I thought I might actually know a tiny bit about linux...  there
> goes that)
> Any help is appreciated.
> Andrew Reberry

Remove all reference to hda5 from /etc/fstab. If there isn't something
there, then it is something more bizarre.

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