[lug] uname -a issue

Justin glow at jackmoves.com
Sun Jan 14 20:58:33 MST 2001

I've recently compiled a 2.4.0 kernel and it works fine. However, I get
the following doing a 'uname -a':

root at newschool:/usr/src/linux/Documentation# uname -a
Linux newschool 2.4.0 #1 Sun Jan 14 17:56:03 Local time zone must be
set--see zic manuai686 i686 unknown

I've looked for doc's on 'zic' and read the manpage but it's confusing
to me. Anyone ran into this issue and remedied yet? Or if someone can
point me to a good reference on zic. Thanks in advance.

glow at jackmoves.com

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