[lug] How do you rpm the rpm rpm???

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Mon Feb 19 01:33:37 MST 2001

> Why do you need 7.0's RPM on a 6.2 machine?  Have you looked in the
> updates dir on the RedHat mirrors for an updated RPM for 6.2?  That
> might work a heck of a lot better if you're just looking for a fix for
> some kind of known problem with 6.2's RPM.

Nope. Just simply trying to upgrade to 7.0. Little by little I was hoping I
could do it without booting the cd. Mainly trying to get the libs in there
for now.

> > I can't boot from CD because it's dieing from signal 11s.
> Totally unrelated, methinks.  Signal 11's are usually a bad sign that
> you have flakey hardware somewhere.  If you're running a dual-boot
> machine, this may seem untrue as Windoze may run just fine on the
> hardware, but Linux may not.

It's both. Explorer really kicked my butt.

> More often than not, running tools that
> check the hardware (without booting Linux or Windows) from a boot floppy
> will find the problem, and usually it's due to bad RAM or overclocking.

I experienced the sig 11 with FreeBSD once and it turned out to be a bug in
that version, but related to RAM. This is the first time I've seen it with
Linux though,.

What your saying makes sense. I'm getting a lot of wierd dieing in the
drive. In the middle of nowhere I'm getting a bunch of hex on the screen and
at boot the bios (??) are returning "Drive failure may be imminent." I had
this once before also while trying to install Solaris using another drive.
It just went away. Not sure how.

The thing is it's only doing this when the Windoze partition is present. And
I can install 6.2 fine with Windoze on the drive.

> The Linux kernel can get a bit picky and unstable under overclocked
> conditions.

I think I'm the one who's flakey on this one :} too many damn installs for
on Wincrap instance.

> There's a Signal-11 FAQ on linuxdoc.org somewhere, if I remember
> correctly, or just do a Google search for Signal 11.  There's a LOT of
> references to it out on the web.

Thanks. I'll look for it. I was hoping that the upgrade I did on the last
drive is what fixed the problem. But if I remember correctly a full install
of Solaris was when it quit (don't know if that would be related, probably a
looose cable more so??.)

> Let us know, we need more info to help!

:} Do I ever hold out :} ??

Thanks a lot for the help/info.


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