[lug] Qwest ADSL

Larry D. Ashton ldashton at infowest.com
Mon Feb 19 07:33:49 MST 2001

Deva Samartha wrote:

> I have it running for - over a year or so w/out problems.
> Of cause, you looked at:
> http://my.qwest.net/nav4/help/faqs/faqs_top10.html#5
Yes, I looked at this page and also read the Qwest DSL Instalation Reference
Guide for Windose

> I don't know, if that helps much. I went through a printed (by USWEST)
> brochure (8 1/2 x 11") but this contained partial information and I had to
> figure out some stuff myself.
> But I have static IP's set up later on, so my current setup may not match
> yours.
> I think dhcp may mess it up. I have it in bridging mode.
> I have a second DSL line with 675 which I can use for playing.
> How are you accessing the 675? Over serial cable, I assume/hope?

I have gone though the set up of the 675.  I have interfaced with minicom on
the linux box and hyperterminal on a windose box - both work good.  Just to
make sure that the equipment was working, I hooked it up to a Windose box
and it worked great.  Sometimes it is not worth fighting the establishment.

> It defaults to but this is not what you want and if your network
> card is not set up to 10.0.0.?, then you can't talk to the router over the
> network, you'll need to use the serial cable to set it up.
> Mine wants to know: who-has tell
> So, if you firewall interface to the router is then you have a
> conflict with the routers default setting right there.
> Can you talk to the router at all, like the show command?

Yes, though minicom or hyperterminal on the serial cable, but not through
the lan cable.  I have tried using a static IP address on eth1, which is the
NIC connecting to the 675, of and a netmask of  and
network of but the routing table was screwed up.  I could ping but pings were denied to  I then tried DHCP on eth1 which
did give a "connect on". I could ping but pings still
denied on - the 675.  That is when I did a tcpdump and found all of
the "who-has 10.0.0.x,s tell  Seems that the 675 is not setup
correctly on the lan side or I am missing something in the dhcpcd-eth1.info
file? On my machine this file is located in the /etc/dhcpc/ directory and
contains the following info:


Something in my memory seems to tell me that your reference document above
has something about domain is Qwest.net - One of the blank spaces in my
file.  I'll try inserting qwest.net in the "domain=" and give it a try.

If anyone is using DHCP to connect to DSL on the 675, would you check your
dhcpcd-ethX.info file and compare it to mine - especially the blank spots
above - and let me know the file content?

thanks for the thought provoking info,

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