[lug] openssh 2.5

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Mon Feb 19 12:37:47 MST 2001

I looked at this. What you need to do is use the new sshd_config. Evidently,
it needs host keys lines specifically for those protocols and those lines
didn't exist in the default 2.3.0 sshd_config. The files are in the /etc/ssh

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With the recent ssh hole, I had upgraded all of my machines to openssh
2.3.0.  I just noticed today that 2.5.0 is out.  I upgraded one of my
machines and now it complains about not being able to load a host key
and says that it is disabling protocol 2.  I moved the keys out of the
way and it regenerated keys, but it still complained about the key it
had generated.  When I try to connect to the 2.5 machine I just get a
connection closed.  If I try to go to another machine, I get a seg

Any ideas?

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