[lug] Qwest ADSL

Larry D. Ashton ldashton at infowest.com
Mon Feb 19 17:13:24 MST 2001


I had to do the work thing today, so wasn't able to get back to you
immediately.  I take it from reading your posting, that you have it up and
running, or is that a premature assumption?  Which steps made the big
difference?  I'll be here the rest of the evening fiddling with my set up
and trying some of the suggestions you and others have made.  Let me know
how it is going.  If I have any success, I'll post it.

Deva Samartha wrote:

> Hi Larry,
> > > http://my.qwest.net/nav4/help/faqs/faqs_top10.html#5
> > >
> >Yes, I looked at this page and also read the Qwest DSL Instalation
> >Guide for Windose
> Actually, looking at it, hat page is not great - he is putting MAC
> addresses somewhere in /etc files, uses static IP's and dhcp. (maybe that
> is dynamically set)
> My working setup with fixed IP's is definitely different from yours and my
> play setup. With the play setup, I am exactly where you are.
> I think I know where the problem is but don't know a solution at this
> except that this setup (dynamic IP from USwest) worked before only no
> were made by the person who did it and the stuff is forgotten ( but he
> said, he changed the IP number).
>  From the router, I can ping the internet (name server IP), so the router
> works fine.
> the show interface however shows me
> eth0
> wan0-0
> and I think the eth0 is the problem.
> It goes
> USwest-GW
> (<-->[675]-eth0(<-@@@->(
> The eth0 on the 675 does not match the eth0 network on the Linux and this
> link needs to be done my NAT. There is a default nat pool 0 which handles
> the area by default, so one does not need to set up a nat
> configuration for this case. If you need different IP numbers on your
> network, I would think that you can arrange that by adding a NAT pool
> Ok, what I did on the router:
> set interface eth0 address
> write
> the   show dhcp server leased
> shows me, that indeed, my eth0 on the Linux has signed out the IP,
> I can verify the MAC address.
> and  the show nat
> shows - oh surprise - there is nat happening,
> so, let's try to ping a name from the Linux - WORKS!!!
> Internet broser - WORKS!
> also, make sure you do
> set web disable
> set telnet disable
> write
> to prevent telnet and web access to the router from the internet.
> and set passwords for user and root - assuming, you did this already
> anyway, but I found myself having the ports open on the router and after a
> reset, the router does not have any passwords (I think).
> I don't think your /etc/dhcp is an issue at this point. I think this
> information is set dynamically by the dhcp server/clients and I would not
> mess with that.
> Hope it helps,
> Samartha

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