[lug] How do you rpm the rpm rpm???

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Mon Feb 19 19:22:18 MST 2001

Thanks Sean and Nate. Fixed it (see below)

> I had a horrible experience with a 6.2 to 7.0 upgrade.  Remember 7.0
> follows the LFS for filesystem locations, and many things move.  Where
> this really causes trouble is if you had partitions set up correctly for
> 6.2 -- all of a sudden you'll find that /var is way too small, and
> various other problems.  It can even mess up the upgrade completely on a
> small drive machine.  It may be better (just an opinion) to get all your
> files off you need (config files out of /etc, webpages, databases,
> whatever) to some other media and reinstall the machine with 7.0.
> Better yet, hang out until 7.1 which is in beta right now.  I have a
> feeling there's a lot of bugfixes in that version.

Speaking of FS moves. What's up with the rc.d scripts? My old scripts aren't
ruuning at boot and i see they moved the rc.d's and symlinked a lot of stuff.
Where is the boot looking for scripts now? ie. Where does rc.local reside?

> What do you mean, both OS's are having problems?

Both were crapping out. Many errors among them :} For Windoze i figured it was
the norm but when Linux was dieing I figured it was on my end..

> Uh oh.  This really sounds like there's definitely some kind of hardware
> trouble here.  I'd make darn sure I had a backup of the important stuff
> on this machine -- it's acting not so healthy.
> Along with that, you may want to see if the BIOS has any updates
> available when massive (and strange) hardware problems crop up, and as
> you said... could just be cables.  Try new ones.
> And as always with troubleshooting anything like this, the advice to go
> slowly and work methodically doing one thing at a time and testing for a
> little while is good advice.   The problem will either "disappear" after
> one of the changes, or the component will finally fail completely --
> making the failure mode a little more "obvious".  :-)

Well. I would never have accidently put a K-6 233 in a 333 slot. I have no idea
how it got there :} And the fan had finally fried.

While I was at it, per your question below, I added a fan for the HD.

> I didn't quite follow that, but if you're saying you've had MULTIPLE
> disk failures in this machine, I'd look into the matter a little deeper.
> Are the drives getting adequate cooling inside the case?  Is there a bad
> cable to the drive controller shorting out and damaging drives?  Is the
> controller itself perhaps not healthy in some way?
> Unfortunately, hardware problems are tough to find, there's not many
> comprehensive test suites out there than can handle the (very extended)
> PC architecture, and it's often cheaper to just start swapping commodity
> hardware (maybe starting with the cheapest parts -- cables) than to try
> to figure it out with software... or wetware (brain).  :-)   hahaha...

Nah. Hardware problems are easy to diagnose with me.... I just look for absurd
mindless oddities :} And then I remember doing it :}

Oh well. :} Too many hours. I'm working with a M$ based company right now so you
can see my desperation. I'm trying to create the ultimate desktop where I can do
everything for them (using Wincrap and slowly replacing that with Linux apps) and
do everything I need to do. But i keep standing in my way :}

Thanks again.


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