[lug] Anyone know who this @home host is?

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Mon Feb 19 20:14:03 MST 2001

My logs say they are  still  only scanning nntp.

Nate Duehr wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 09:15:47AM -0700, Warren Sanders wrote:
> > In reference to the UDP 68 question I had earlier, the host in question is
> > ha1.svc1.wa.home.com/  I started getting continuous scans
> > continuing at this moment from this host trying to scan me.  I wonder if
> > this is one of @home's servers?
> AFAIK, they *do* make regular port scans of machines on their networks,
> looking for servers.
> Whether or not that's them knocking at your door is tough to say unless
> they've been pretty careful with the routing and it's not possible to
> spoof IP's easily in their network.
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