[lug] LILO and L :}

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Mon Feb 19 23:00:26 MST 2001

John Starkey wrote:
> > > When installing occassionally I end up with the "L" instead of LILO.
> > > Based on previous conversations it appears to be that my mbr is outside
> > > ot the 1024. How can I put it back in?
> >
> > The common recommendation is to create a small /boot partition
> > as the first partition on the disk, which is where all of your
> > bootable kernels should reside. I find that 10MB is more than
> > adequate for any production machine, and use 50MB on my home
> > machine where I experiment and keep more active kernels.
> I started that tonight based on a message posted here a few days ago. I made
> it 2 gigs (I've been thinking in gigs too much). So it looks like I have
> plenty of room.

The problem with making it that large is (a) you won't ever need
2GB for /boot so there is lots of wasted space, and (b) for some
disk geometries, a 2GB partition puts some of the data outside
the 1024 cylinder limit.

But as long as (b) is not true in your case and you don't mind
(a), you should be all set.

Rob Riggs

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