[lug] Color tweaks

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Wed Feb 21 11:47:00 MST 2001

I've got an issue where occasionally I'll do something right and get
really good color on an el cheapo Compuserve monitor (Manufactured by
Pixie (or something like that)) and I can't seem to track down what it
is. I can't get it with 1024x768. And I've had it a few times in

The last time I had it was yesterday when I found the monitor's specs
and switched to 53.7k and 85Hz for 800x600. But I set the 1024x768 and
when i went back to 800x600 I got the black screen telling me the Sync
was too high.

The monitor peaks at 53.7K and 85Hz and the only mode line I can find
right now is 55.84k and 72Hz. Is there a way to adjust this mode line to
get it down to 53.7 and 85?

Currently it's:

# 800x600  @  85Hz,  55.84 kHz  hsync
Modeline  "800x600"  60.75   800  864  928 1088    600 616  621  657
-HSync  - VSync



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