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J. Wayde Allen wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov
Wed Feb 21 13:58:50 MST 2001

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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 13:18:26 -0500
From: Scott.Hauver at decisionconsultants.com

Hi Wayde,

I work with Michael Pederson and he suggested contacting you in order to get
a message out to the Linux users group.
We are in search of an AIX Unix admin to work at a client in Golden for a 1
year assignment.  The following is a detailed description.  In advance, I
appreciate any assistance you may provide.  My contact information is listed

Position Description:  
Control and maintain UNIX environments for on-going support, including
systems software and peripherals as well as, training and new projects.
This includes managing installing, modifying and updating Operating Systems
software, configuration, change control procedures and refresh strategies
and monitoring the production environment for performance issues and general
trouble shooting.  Administers systems software, peripherals, network
software, and overall system security.  Other responsibilities include
providing assistance with project implementations, as well as, installing
Compaq supplied patches (corrections) and new release software.

Scope of Work:

*	Systems Administrator Functions: Technical Role includes but not
limited to the following: Monitoring System Log & Trouble-shooting/Reporting
Errors; Setup & Maintain the Development, Test, & Production environments
through coordination w/ Technical Support & Application Programmers; Setup
UNIX print queues; Apply & Track IBM AIX bug fixes; System Monitoring &
Tuning.  Understanding in order to monitor overall health & flow of system;
Display & managing user sessions; Managing update records on daily basis;
Monitor system backups; Performance restoration on request utilizing IBM TSM
software: Provide assistance to remote plant locations.
*	Provide high level of mid-range & network computing services by
reviewing, consulting & providing project implementation recommendations.
Develops & implements procedures to supplement oper. System facilities &
increase productivity & ease of use. Maintains oper. system, oper.
sub-system software, peripherals & network software. Requires wide range &
excellent technical knowledge of these core components & the
inter-relationships of the mid-range & network environments. 
*	Implements procedures, methods standards to prevent lost
productivity & ensure oper. system availability. Installs new or modified
system & sub-system software installation, updates/upgrades (IBM HACMP).
Performs these tasks quickly, accurately & transparently; does not create
any unexpected loss of productivity or production. Follows current design,
test & documentation standards & procedures. 
*	Works closely with application programmers & production support
personnel to identify/resolve difficult operating system problems quickly &
correctly. Provides high level I/T consulting knowledge on technology &
actively implement technology that can improve business operations or reduce
*	Creates & documents disaster recovery operations to ensure
uninterrupted business operations in the event of an emergency/accident.
Installs & tests security control procedures that provide the necessary
safeguards for good business practice.  May be required to test disaster
recovery processes and procedures utilizing high availability
*	Achieve results through continued enhancement of knowledge &
competencies in leading edge information technologies & strategies. Develops
knowledge of customer business processes & understanding of customer's
information & system requirements. Partners with business unit to design,
develop & implement projects to achieve maximum return on investment &
profit from technological advancements. Analyzes & implements assignments &
tasks to maximize availability, functionality & performance of mid-range
oper. sub-systems & utilities. Ensures that project efforts do not have an
adverse or detrimental effect on existing oper. sub-system software or
application software. 
*	Works closely with applications development & production support
personnel to help plan & design oper. system and sub-system requirements for
IT projects. Reviews sub-system components to ensure correct & proper design
and function. Provides assistance, advice & direction to all levels of
applications developers for concept & design of new applications. 
*	Reviews system performance w/ capacity planning data to ensure
proper utilization of hardware & software, as well as timely response &
throughput. Makes implementation recommendations on types of hardware or
software acquisitions needed to correct or improve operating system
performance or to meet business needs. 
*	May be called 24hrs/day, 7 days/wk to provide assistance for
resolving emergency problems that occur outside normal working hours. 

Knowledge and Experience Requirements:
*	Must be a self-starter and able to work independently.
*	Minimum of ten years information technology experience, incl. strong
background in computer hardware, terminals & PCs, operating system software
& advanced application programming skills that include advanced experience
in applications design &analysis. 
*	Strong primary background & experience with IBM AIX in an SP
*	Experience w/Compaq Unix a plus.
*	Experience w/NT a plus
*	Excellent understanding of assigned computer's internal operating
structure w/in the computer service facility.  Must be capable of providing
detailed information expertise to management & customers for assigned
*	Fluent in assigned system's native computer operating system
language w/ a full understanding of multiple protocols and the
inter-relationships between operating systems environment and the networking
*	Knowledgeable of security & application software standards based on
ANSI, ISO & other recognized standards organizations. 
*	Strong oral, written & interpersonal communication skills are
required to effectively interact w/ various levels of peers, users &
*	Bachelor's degree in I/T and/or computer science or equivalent work
*	Ability to independently perform research & find solutions & answers
to issues using: IBM and the Internet. 
*	Ability to create standards & procedures & enforce them
*	Knowledge of manufacturing systems; Experience with Oracle
databases; Knowledge of client server environments

*	Ability to concurrently manage many diverse projects and establishes
*	Ability to analyze long-term effects of technical decisions. 

Thank you,

Scott Hauver
Business Development Manager
Decision Consultants Inc.
303/466.3124 x 122
800/282-4324 x 122
cell 303/808.3426
scott.hauver at decisionconsultants.com

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