[lug] email mystery

Tom Tromey tromey at redhat.com
Wed Feb 21 15:22:07 MST 2001

>>>>> "Kirk" == Kirk Rafferty <kirk at fpcc.net> writes:

Kirk> So now that we all should just know to close open relays, you'd
Kirk> think it wouldn't be a problem.  But vendors continue to ship
Kirk> Sendmail configured to be open relays.  Even very recent Linux
Kirk> distros ship open.  Many vendors also configure Sendmail to run
Kirk> by default.  RedHat, for instance, has Sendmail running even on
Kirk> "workstation" configurations.

I don't know offhand why we do that (I'm not in OS development).  All
the admins I know prefer postfix or qmail to sendmail.  I guess if I
were running things I would set up the OS to prefer one of these.

Anyway, I do know that Red Hat 7.1 won't ship sendmail configured for
relaying by default.


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