[lug] PC to PC serial cable?

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Wed Feb 21 17:23:44 MST 2001


  I'm trying to create a PC to PC serial cable ( 9 pin )and I've found
discussions in a couple of HOW-TOs 




Most of the stuff there is completely Greek to me, plus the connectors
I currently have access to don't quite match those described.

I've got two connectors which accept Cat5 cable in one end and 
are DB9 on the other end.  Can someone explain how the pin connection
should go?  I've only got 8 wires of course.  Is the pin-out:

   2  <--  3   Transmit
   3  -->  2   Receive
   5  <->  5   Ground
   8  <--  7  Req. to Send
   7  -->  8  Clr. to Send

Are the others left unconnected?  Should I snip them or is it safe to
them pass through?  If the latter, which pin should I leave off?



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