[lug] OT : Linksys Hardware?

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Wed Feb 21 18:45:54 MST 2001

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 05:26:27PM -0700, Gary Frerking (TurboPower) wrote:
> >We're trying to get a network upgrade budget within limits, and shifting to
> >a Linksys switch is something that looks like it will help. It's a 10/100
> >Managed 24-port GigaSwitch (EG24M).
> I've got 3 8-port 10/100Mbps unmanaged switches from them, and have installed
> a few more at clients places and have been very happy with them.  The
> 8-port switches have 8 LEDs per port, which is nice.  10/100, link,
> rx, tx, fd.  Though at $700 I'd probably end up going with one of
> the 3Com SuperStack 3300XMs for $120 more.  I've been VERY happy with
> our SuperStack switch.
> Sean
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I have a similar 8-port 10/100 unmanaged Linksys switch, stackable, the
EZXS88W, which I picked up at CompUSA for somewhere around $175 (it
works great). It has 3 LED's per port, yours must be made of platinum :P
Anyway, I'd recommend the switch, it does a good job for far less than

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