[lug] ARP problems with Linux...

Gary Frerking (TurboPower) garyf at turbopower.com
Thu Feb 22 11:37:49 MST 2001

>> There was an issue recently reported by (I believe) Gary to the BLUG
regarding linux boxes not responding on the network. <<

Yep, that was me.

>> Now I know that my problem would be solved if I didn't have both of my
interfaces on the same physical network, but the question remains:  "Why is
my Linux box sending ARP replies from both interfaces?" <<

>> Maybe this is what Gary is getting also. <<

Interesting thought. None of my Linux machines are dual-homed at the moment,

>> One other note:  This didn't seem to start happening until I loaded SSH 2
on the Linux firewall.  Was some code added during that install that has an
ARP bug in it? <<

Interesting again, but it seems unlikely (to me) that SSH is affecting ARP.

AFAIK, ARP is handled completely in the kernel, and I don't think SSH has
any interaction with that code.

Anyone else here have better knowledge in this area?

-- Gary

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