[lug] WebDAV

Gary Frerking (TurboPower) garyf at turbopower.com
Thu Feb 22 11:52:20 MST 2001

Does anyone here have any experience with WebDAV?

I've got a web developer wanting an easier way to update his site with
DreamWeaver -- so I'm looking for something that will meet is needs and
still be secure.

I've noticed DreamWeaver 4 supports WebDAV, and I've noticed there's an
Apache module for WebDAV.

I don't know much about WebDAV (only what I was able to find on the net

First off, does it work well? I have no experience with it.

Secondly, is it secure / what does it take to make it secure. The WebDAV
info I've seen seems to push the security off on HTTP/Apache.

I haven't seen SSL mentioned in these discussions -- but it seems to me that
I'd have to enable SSL on the server to make it secure, correct? (in other
words, the normal HTTP authentication stuff is passed in the clear, right?
Or is there a way to ensure someone isn't going to hijack DAV without SSL?).

I don't recall seeing any security alerts on WebDAV (like I've seen with

Any thoughts/pointers would be much appreciated.

-- Gary

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