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Thu Feb 22 12:40:33 MST 2001

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 01:31:34PM -0600, Ed Meyer wrote:
> We have RH 7.0 running with Apache/Frontpage/PHP/SSH.  
> So far we can verify Apache, Frontpage, and PHP are working properly.  
> However I don't know enough about SSH to know how to see if it is 
> actually running.  Is there a separate folder where content needs to 
> be to see if its working?  

Are you shure you are talking about SSH and not SSL. SSH (the
secure shell) has nothing todo with 'folders' (i asssume you
mean directories). It's a protocol used to remotely access servers
by means of encrypted remote shells or to tunnel tcp sessions.
SSL (the Secure Soket Layer protocol) is used to encrypt connections
on the soket layer and is commonly used to secure web access.

> If we http://ipaddress/ it says the page is unavailable.

What exactly is the error message (the HTTP status code would
help). What does your apache access/error log say? 

 Ralf Mattes

> Thanks!
> Ed Meyer
> Smarts Broadcast Systems

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