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Thu Feb 22 12:47:13 MST 2001

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 01:40:54PM -0600, Ed Meyer wrote:
> One small correction - the URL I referred to that won't work is:
> https://ipaddress/

Ok, that clarifies some of my questions. So you actually want
to use SSL. When you set up your apache server, what way of
SSL integration did you use--mod_ssl or a compiled in SSL?

To actually be able to use SSL you need to give some extra
bits to the server, for example you need to provide the server
with a server certificate. 


> If you use http://ipaddress/ the regular index.html page kicks in...
> Sorry for the typo!
> Ed Meyer
> Smarts Broadcast Systems
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>   We have RH 7.0 running with Apache/Frontpage/PHP/SSH.  So far we can verify Apache, Frontpage, and PHP are working properly.  However I don't know enough about SSH to know how to see if it is actually running.  Is there a separate folder where content needs to be to see if its working?  If we http://ipaddress/ it says the page is unavailable.
>   Thanks!
>   Ed Meyer
>   Smarts Broadcast Systems

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